Grinder rotary


- Strong direct drive rotary machine with iron body and powerful 8,5W Faulhaber motor
- Universal for all kinds of work and needles/cartridges
- Easy speed regulation between 6 - 12V (1Volt = 10Hz)
- Available with RCA or classic clipcord connection  
- Basic version with stroke 3,5mm, or available with adjustable stroke 1 - 5m
- No need of any maintenace (like oiling etc) 
- Weight 118g
Frame materialiron
optimal voltage6 - 12V
Speed (without needles)70 - 140 Hz
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Grinder rotary


Grinder rotary

Grinder rotary

Color: Black
Contact: RCA
Stroke: 3,5mm

Price: 285,00 €

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