Tortuga Alu


Our first sidesail machine called Tortuga is universal machine for all kinds of work (maybe except fat lines RL15+) Its suitable for all kind of needles but works best with cartridges. Tortuga´s smoothly running powerful Faulhaber motor with strong hit in small lightweight frame  will make your work easy, feeling like working with the best coil machine but without noise or vibration. Simply pure enjoyment with fast easy work for you and fast easy healing for your customers. Stroke 3,5mm. Many various color combination, so in the case of different frame and motor sleeve color it´s better to describe yours into note. Now new version with needle bar retainer.

Frame materialdural
optimal voltage9-12V
Speed (without needles)100 - 135 Hz
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Tortuga Alu


Tortuga Alu

Tortuga Alu

Color: Red
Contact: rca version

Price: 335,00 €