Compakt power supply


Compakt is elegant power supply mafucatured by Piranha in Portugal.

  • 4 presets to optimize your workflow
  • Internal Engineering Shock Protection
  • Magnetic convenience.

4 preselections to optimize your workflow. Compakt has 4 preset configurations that allow you to save, edit and use 4 different speeds with the simplicity of a comfortable click.

With or without pedal. Continually. The knob allows you to switch between continuous or pedal mode and activate your machine with a single touch. So you can tattoo on the go. Everywhere. At any time. Easily.

Magnetic comfort. Little space? Thanks to its non-slip magnets you can comfortably position COMPAKT on the side of the workspace thanks to its magnetic feet.

Shock protection. Compakt is equipped with an input and output voltage circuit which protects it from any external short circuits by immediately blocking any excessive voltage that is transmitted to the internal board. All you need to worry about is keeping up with your overtime.

Output: 3-18V, 3A. Weight 235g. Dimensions: length 110mm, width 72mm, height 25mm.

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Compakt power supply

Compakt power supply

Price: 195,00 €